Texas Parent PAC Endorsements for 2018 General Election

Public school children in Texas school

Texas schoolchildren are counting on grownups to vote.

Texas Parent PAC is delighted to endorse two statewide candidates, 28 first-time candidates running for seats in the Texas House and Texas Senate, and 27 incumbent legislators who are being challenged in the general election.

The endorsed candidates are a diverse collection of mature, proven leaders who seek to make Texas a better state. They will be strong advocates for public education in Austin.

In each election cycle, bipartisan Texas Parent PAC endorses a select number of candidates from major political parties. Read about our endorsement process here.

On the following list, HD stands for House District, SD for Senate District. To find your district number for state representative and senator, look on your voter registration card or enter your address on the “Who Represents Me?” section at the Capitol web site.

Endorsed Statewide Candidates

Lieutenant Governor—Mike Collier, D-Houston Web Site
Attorney General—Justin Nelson, D-Austin Web Site

Endorsed Candidates for the Texas Legislature

Note: Candidates with Senator or Representative before their names were supported by Texas Parent PAC when they first ran for office or re-election in 2006-2016.


HD 3—Representative Cecil Bell, Jr., R-Magnolia Web Site
HD 4—Keith Bell, R-Forney Web Site
HD 6—Neal Katz, Independent-Tyler Web Site
HD 8—Cody Harris, R-Palestine Web Site
HD 10—Representative John Wray, R-Waxahachie Web Site
HD 14—Representative John Raney, R-Bryan Web Site
HD 15—Lorena Perez McGill, D-The Woodlands Web Site
HD 16—Representative Will Metcalf, R-Conroe Web Site
HD 17—Representative John Cyrier, R-Lockhart Web Site
HD 18—Representative Ernest Bailes, R-Shepherd Web Site
HD 24—Representative Greg Bonnen, R-Friendswood Web Site
HD 33—Representative Justin Holland, R-Rockwall Web Site
HD 34—Representative Abel Herrero, D-Robstown Web Site
HD 41—Representative Bobby Guerra, D-McAllen Web Site
HD 46—Sheryl Cole, D-Austin Web Site
HD 47—Vikki Goodwin, D-Austin Web Site
HD 49—Representative Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin Web Site
HD 52—James Talarico, D-Round Rock Web Site
HD 57—Representative Trent Ashby, R-Lufkin Web Site
HD 62—Reggie Smith, R-Van Alstyne Web Site
HD 64—Representative Lynn Stucky, R-Denton Web Site
HD 71—Representative Stan Lambert, R-Abilene Web Site
HD 78—Representative Joe Moody, D-El Paso Web Site
HD 88—Representative Ken King, R-Canadian Web Site
HD 92—Steve Riddell, D-Bedford Web Site
HD 95—Representative Nicole Collier, D-Fort Worth Web Site
HD 99—Representative Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth Web Site
HD 101—Representative Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie Web Site
HD 102—Representative Linda Koop, R-Dallas Web Site
HD 105—Terry Meza, D-Irving Web Site
HD 108—Joanna Cattanach, D-Dallas  Web Site
HD 113—Rhetta Bowers, D-Garland  Web Site
HD 114—John Turner, D-Dallas  Web Site
HD 115—Julie Johnson, D-Addison Web Site
HD 117—Representative Philip Cortez, D-San Antonio Web Site
HD 118—Leo Pacheco, D-San Antonio Web Site
HD 121—Steve Allison, R-San Antonio Web Site
HD 125—Representative Justin Rodriguez Web Site
HD 126—Sam Harless, R-Houston Web Site
HD 127—Representative Dan Huberty, R-Houston Web Site
HD 129—Alex Karjeker, D-Webster Web Site
HD 136—John Bucy, D-Round Rock Web Site
HD 137—Representative Gene Wu, D-Houston Web Site
HD 138—Adam Milasincic, D-Houston Web Site
HD 144—Representative Mary Ann Perez, D-Houston Web Site
HD 149—Representative Hubert Vo, D-Houston Web Site
HD 150—Michael Shawn Kelly, D-Spring Web Site


SD 2—Kendall Scudder, D-Dallas Web Site
SD 5—Meg Walsh, D-Round Rock Web Site
SD 8—Mark Phariss, D-Dallas Web Site
SD 10—Beverly Powell, D-Burleson Web Site
SD 16—Nathan Johnson, D-Dallas Web Site
SD 17—Rita Lucido, D-Houston Web Site
SD 25—Steven Kling, D-Dripping Springs Web Site
SD 31—Senator Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo Web Site

Please make a contribution to Texas Parent PAC to fund get-out-the-vote activities. You may contribute here with a credit card or send a check to Texas Parent PAC, P.O. Box 303010, Austin, TX 78703-0051. Thank you! 

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October 22 - November 2: Early Voting in the General Election. Any registered voter may vote early in person. Each county determines locations, dates, and hours for voting early.

November 6: General Election in Texas is Tuesday, 7 am - 7 pm

Frequently asked questions about voter registration and voting here

Confirm your voter registration status here. If you have moved or do not have a current voter registration card, you may need to re-register. That is why it is important to confirm your registration status. If you are officially registered, then you may vote and there is no need to submit anything new.

For those not registered: Voter Registration Application here. The form must be completed, printed out, and MAILED WITH A POSTAGE STAMP to the Voter Registrar in your county of residence.  The application cannot be submitted online using the Secretary of State web site.

Request an application to vote by mail if eligible. Eligible registered voters are:

If eligible, call your County Clerk or the Secretary of State’s office (800-252-VOTE) and request that an application to vote by mail be sent to you. Or, download an application here, complete the form, then mail it with a postage stamp to the Early Voting Clerk in your county.

Your vote counts

Texas schoolchildren are counting on grownups to vote for candidates who will provide adequate and equitable funding for excellence in public education.