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Candidates Endorsed by Texas Parent PAC Win Big on March 6

Seventeen candidates endorsed by Texas Parent PAC won their primary elections March 6, and four additional candidates face runoff elections May 22. Congratulations to these candidates and their campaign teams!

Texas Parent PAC helped the winning candidates in many ways, including campaign coaching, mailers, calling services, promotion via email and social media, and funding to pay for TV and radio advertising, signs, canvassing, campaign staff, polling, and more.

Thanks to all the generous Texas Parent PAC donors who made this possible!

Every election has unique drama, and the March 6 primary was no exception. For example:

A summary of the results for endorsed candidates is below. Unofficial primary election returns are at the Secretary of State web site and the Texas Tribune web site.

Endorsed Candidate Winners of the Primary Election

SD 31: Senator Kel Seliger,R-Amarillo, winning with 50.4% of the vote  Web Site

HD 9: Representative Chris Paddie,R-Marshall, winning with 63.92% of the vote Web Site

HD 14: Representative John Raney, R-Bryan, winning with 57.69% of the vote. He has a Democratic opponent in the November election. Web Site

HD 18: Representative Ernest Bailes,R-Shepherd, winning with 59.34% of the vote Web Site

HD 41: Representative Bobby Guerra,D-McAllen, winning with  82.77% of the vote Web Site

HD 45: Ken Strange, R-Wimberley, winning with 54.73% of the vote. He has a Democratic opponent in the November election. Web Site

HD 55: Representative Hugh Shine,R-Temple, winning with 60.18% of the vote Web Site

HD 59: Representative J.D. Sheffield, R-Gatesville, winning with 57.87% of the vote Web Site

HD 64: Representative Lynn Stucky, R-Denton, winning with 64.33% of the vote. He has a Democratic opponent in the November election. Web Site

HD 75: Representative Mary González, D-Clint, winning with 68.54% of the vote Web Site

HD 87: Representative Four Price,R-Amarillo, winning with 78.48% of the vote Web Site

HD 88: Representative Ken King, R-Canadian, winning with 50.45% of the vote Web Site

HD 99: Representative Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, winning with 56.80% of the vote Web Site

HD 100: Representative Eric Johnson,D-Dallas, winning with 70.54% of the vote Web Site

HD 102: Representative Linda Koop, R-Richardson, winning with 71.99% of the vote Web Site

HD 117: Representative Philip Cortez, D-San Antonio, winning with 63.41% of the vote. He has a Republican opponent in the November election. Web Site

HD 126: Sam Harless, R-Houston, winning with 51.06% of the vote. He has a Democratic opponent in the November election. Web Site

Endorsed Candidates in Runoff Elections on May 22

HD 4: Keith Bell, R-Forney, with 26.19% of the vote (in a runoff with Stuart Spitzer, 45.76%) Web Site

HD 54: Representative Scott Cosper,R-Killeen, with 44.56% of the vote (in a runoff with Brad Buckley, 41.58%) Web Site

HD 62: Reggie Smith, R-Van Alstyne, with 45.77% of the vote (in a runoff with Brent Lawson, 34.34%) Web Site

HD 121: Steve Allison, R-San Antonio, with 26.33% of the vote (in a runoff with Matt Beebe, 29.49%) Web Site

Heartfelt thanks to the other endorsed candidates who campaigned very hard but unfortunately did not win. They were all seeking political office to make a positive difference. We appreciate the courage and sacrifice that it took for these candidates to run for the Texas Legislature: Clint Bedsole, Dave Campbell, Ted Kamel, Dr. Jim Largent, Shannon McClendon, Ashley McKee, Jim Phaup, Dr. Harold Ramm, David Stall, Kristin Tassin, Dr. Linda Timmerman, Jackie Waters, James Wilson. It took great courage for Groesbeck school superintendent Harold Ramm and Fort Bend ISD school board president Kristin Tassin to challenge incumbent senators, and they ran great campaigns and invested much personal time and resources in the effort.

Heartfelt thanks to State Representatives Cindy Burkett and Tomás Uresti for their years of public service in the Texas House. Their many contributions made Texas a better state, and they will be greatly missed.

The most courageous endorsed candidate of them all was Scott Milder, who was drafted by supporters of public education to challenge Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. He proved the pollsters to be wrong by earning almost 25% of the vote! Because of Scott's candidacy, many more educators, parents, grandparents, and supporters of our public schools are engaged in electoral politics and voting!

Texas Parent PAC will endorse additional candidates for the Democratic and Republican runoff elections. These will be highly competitive and very expensive races, so the challenges are immense. Please contribute TODAY so Texas Parent PAC can help our terrific candidates in runoffs on May 22.  To contribute by mail or on-line, please go here.

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Texas Parent PAC is a bipartisan political action committee for parents, grandparents, parents-to-be, and anyone who supports high quality public education. Our statewide group has a track record of success, helping to elect 48 legislators who are currently serving at the Texas Capitol.

Endorsed candidates reflect traditional mainstream American values that honor and support children and their families, quality public education, strong communities, unlimited opportunities, and maximum citizen participation in our democracy. All endorsed candidates support the Texas Parent PAC Guiding Principles.