Public school children

Texas children deserve top-notch public schools to prepare for successful futures!

That's why parents and grandparents join together through Texas Parent PAC to elect more state lawmakers who are strong advocates for excellence in public education. 

Texas Parent PAC has a track record of success, helping to elect 51 legislators who are currently serving at the Texas Capitol. The PAC is bipartisan and will support an equal number of candidates from both major political parties in the 2018 election cycle. The PAC provides in-kind contributions and funding for direct mail, TV and radio advertising, phone banks, yard signs, campaign staff and consultants.

Endorsed candidates reflect values that honor and support quality public education, strong communities, unlimited opportunities, and maximum citizen participation in our democracy. All endorsed candidates support the Texas Parent PAC Guiding Principles.

Please contribute TODAY to help Texas Parent PAC support state legislative candidates running in the November 6 general election. Endorsements will be announced in the fall.

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October 9: Last day to register to vote in the General Election

October 22 - November 2: Early Voting in the General Election. Any registered voter may vote early in person. Each county determines locations, dates, and hours for voting early.   

November 6: General Election in Texas is Tuesday, 7 am - 7 pm

Frequently asked questions about voter registration and voting here

Confirm your voter registration status here.  If you have moved or do not have a current voter registration card, you may need to re-register. That is why it is important to confirm your registration status. If you are officially registered, then you may vote and there is no need to submit anything new.

For those not registered: Voter Registration Application here. The form must be completed, printed out, and MAILED WITH A POSTAGE STAMP to the Voter Registrar in your county of residence.  The application cannot be submitted online using the Secretary of State web site.

Request an application to vote by mail if eligible. Eligible registered voters are:

If eligible, call your County Clerk or the Secretary of State’s office (800-252-VOTE) and request that an application to vote by mail be sent to you. Or, download an application here, complete the form, then mail it with a postage stamp to the Early Voting Clerk in your county.

Your vote counts

Texas schoolchildren are counting on grownups to vote for candidates who will provide adequate and equitable funding for excellence in public education.