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Texas House of Representatives Primary Election Runoff Winners!


Texas House of Representatives Primary Election Winners!
(Endorsed candidates who won their primaries on March 3 without a runoff)

Congratulations to the legislative candidates and their campaign teams!

These elections will make a big difference for Texas schoolchildren and their families, as the winning candidates are strong supporters of public education. 

Dr. Rogers’ election is a BIG win for public education school children.  He was up against an opponent tightly connected to billionaires who support Empower Texans' closet organizations and efforts like school privatization.  It truly was a David vs. Goliath battle and the good guy won 51.5% to 48.5%! Ms. Bacy handily won her runoff with 79.5% of the vote and is well prepared to face her general election challenger.

Texas Parent PAC helped its runoff candidates in many ways, including campaign coaching, direct contributions, promotion via social media, target list compilation, targeted live phone calls and targeted mailings. Thanks to generous Texas Parent PAC donors who invested in our effort!

COVID-19 greatly affected voting by delaying the runoff from May to July, discouraging grassroots door knocking to reach voters and forcing some campaigns to change strategies. Though mail-in voting did not technically expand, we are sure it will be a topic of conversation in the next legislative session.


The Texas House of Representatives will be losing two longtime members who did not win their primary runoff elections. Heartfelt thanks to Reps. Dan Flynn, R-Canton, and Dr. J.D. Sheffield, R-Gatesville, who fell short in their bids for re-election. They made many contributions over the years that make Texas a better state and will be greatly missed by education advocates. Texas Parent PAC helped to elect Dr. Sheffield when he first ran for office in 2012.  Rep. Lorraine Birabil, D-Dallas, also lost her runoff election. Rep. Birabil had won a special election this past January and will fulfill that commitment until the next legislative session begins in January 2021.

First-time candidates Tom Adair, D-Plano, and Jenn Ramos, D-San Antonio, battled hard, but were not successful.  Texas Parent PAC admires the time, effort and commitment these citizens made to serve their communities. 

Complete primary election returns are at the Texas Tribune website


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With Texas parents, grandparents, and public school supporters working together on campaigns, we can elect even more advocates for Texas children. Let's do it. It's the American way!

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