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Texas Parent PAC 2020 General Election Endorsements

Texas Parent PAC is pleased to announce endorsements for the 2020 general election. First-time candidates’ names link to their websites.*     

Candidates who received the PAC’s endorsement in contested primary elections earlier this year, but do not have general election opponents, include Drew Darby, R-San Angelo, Dan Huberty, R-Kingwood, Chris Paddie, R-Marshall, and Glenn Rogers, R-Graford. We look forward to their work on behalf of public school children throughout the 87th Legislative Session. 

Texas Parent PAC is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. To stay relevant and responsive to current issues, the board recently revised its Guiding Principles. In addition to opposing vouchers and seeking stable, adequate funding for public education, Texas Parent PAC’s Guiding Principles now include statements regarding charter schools and advocacy. To see the PAC’s updated Guiding Principles, visit  www.txparentpac.com/principles.html

* Endorsed candidates, both incumbents and first-time contenders, are considered based on a process stated at https://www.txparentpac.com/process.html


Texas Parent PAC is a bipartisan political action committee dedicated to electing candidates to the Texas Legislature who will support and invest in the state's constitutionally mandated system of public education.  Board of Directors members work with other supporters and donors to research candidates and campaigns, donating their time, talent, and resources to the cause.

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Please make a contribution to Texas Parent PAC. You may contribute here with a credit card or send a check to Texas Parent PAC, P.O. Box 303010, Austin, TX 78703-0051. Thank you! 

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