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Texas Parent PAC’s efforts to ensure that public education and Texas schoolchildren are prioritized in the upcoming legislative session were awarded with wins by first time Senate candidates Cesar Blanco, D-El Paso, and Roland Gutierrez, D-San Antonio, and House candidate Ann Johnson, D-Houston. Also joining Johnson in the Texas House as a first-time legislator will be Dr. Glenn Rogers, R-Graford, who won with the PAC’s assistance a hotly contested primary election in July and faced no opponent in the general election.

Thirty-one incumbent legislators who were endorsed by the PAC in this year’s primary and/or general elections also won re-election. Consequently, when the 87th Legislative Session convenes in January 2021, 63 Texas Parent PAC-endorsed legislators will be standing up and speaking out for the state’s 5.4 million Texas school kids.

This election continues to bring new revelations as results are tallied and hindsight is studied. Texas experienced record voter registration and turnout. The COVID pandemic changed the way many candidates campaigned, largely discouraging some from knocking on doors. It also impacted voting options and the length of the early voting period. Big dollars poured into the state and kept mailboxes and TV airwaves flooded with political advertising.

Some of Texas Parent PAC’s worthy candidates did not win their bids to serve Texas. To them, we say “thank you” for engaging in the political process and for offering their voices in the fight to represent the importance of education in our state. Most of the losses were very close. In particular, only 223 votes separated Brandy Chambers and her opponent in the run for HD 112 where 67,197 total votes were cast. Sharon Hirsch in HD 66 lost by only 1028 votes out of 83,449 votes cast. Gratitude goes to these two candidates, along with Sarah DeMerchant, Eliz Markowitz, Lorenzo Sanchez, Jeff Whitfield, Lydia Bean, Alisa Simmons, Elizabeth Beck, Joanna Cattanach, Gina Calanni, and Akilah Bacy. Most of their opponents campaigned as “education candidates” because they supported HB 3 in the last legislative session. Parents, educators, and Texas citizens must now hold them accountable to demonstrate their support of our public schools. 

2020 endorsed candidates* who will serve in the upcoming legislative session include:

Gratitude goes to all donors, parents, grandparents, public school supporters and allied education groups who came together to help us elect pro-public education candidates. Our work continues because your support continues.    

*Endorsed candidates, both incumbents and first-time contenders, are considered based on a process stated at

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, Texas Parent PAC is a bipartisan political action committee dedicated to electing candidates to the Texas Legislature who will support and invest in the state's constitutionally mandated system of public education.  Board of Directors members work with other supporters and donors to research candidates and campaigns, donating their time, talent, and resources to the cause.


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