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Pro-Public Schools Candidates Elected to the Texas Legislature

Texas Public school children

Children, parents, and neighborhood public schools were big winners in recent elections, as many legislators were elected who are committed to strengthening public education. This was partly due to the efforts of Texas Parent PAC, a statewide political action committee formed in 2005 with the goal of electing more state legislators who will stand up for children and high quality public schools.

Texas Parent PAC is bipartisan, and it supports Democrats and Republicans in primary and general elections. The PAC provides funding to help candidates in many ways, including direct mail, TV and radio advertising, phone banks, yard signs, campaign staff and consultants, as well as volunteers who work in many aspects of campaigns.

Following is a list of first-time candidates (non-incumbents) endorsed by Texas Parent PAC who won their elections. They are listed by election year and district number. An alphabetical list of the 64 Texas Parent PAC-supported legislators who are currently serving in the Texas Legislature is here.

2022 General Election Winners

H.D. 51: Lulu Flores, Austin (open seat)

H.D.61: Frederick Frazier, McKinney (open seat)

H.D. 76: Suleman Lalani, Sugar Land (open seat)

H.D. 92: Salman Bhojani, Euless (open seat)

H.D. 100: Venton Jones, Dallas (open seat)

H.D. 114: John Bryant, Dallas (open seat)

S.D. 27: Morgan LaMantia, McAllen (open seat)

2021 Special Election Winner

H.D. 68: David Spiller, Jacksboro (open seat)

2020 General Election Winners

H.D. 60: Glenn Rogers, Graford (open seat)

H.D. 134: Ann Johnson, Houston (defeated Rep. Sarah Davis)

S.D. 19: Roland Gutierrez, San Antonio (defeated Sen. Pete Flores)

S.D. 29: Cesar Blanco, El Paso (open seat)

2020 Special Election Winners

H.D. 100: Lorraine Birabil, Dallas (open seat)

S.D. 30:  Drew Springer Muenster (open seat)

2019 Special Election Winners

H.D. 79: Art Fierro, El Paso (open seat)

H.D. 125: Ray Lopez, San Antonio (open seat)

2018 General Election Winners

S.D. 10: Beverly Powell, Burleson (defeated Sen. Konni Burton)

S.D. 16: Nathan Johnson, Dallas (defeated Sen. Don Huffines)

H.D. 4: Keith Bell, Forney (open seat)

H.D. 8: Cody Harris, Palestine (open seat)

H.D. 46: Sheryl Cole, Austin (open seat)

H.D. 47: Vikki Goodwin, Austin (defeated Rep. Paul Workman)

H.D. 52: James Talarico, Round Rock (open seat)

H.D. 62: Reggie Smith, Van Alstyne (open seat)

H.D. 105: Terry Meza, Irving (defeated Rep. Rodney Anderson)

H.D. 113: Rhetta Bowers, Garland (open seat)

H.D. 114: John Turner, Dallas (open seat)

H.D. 115: Julie Johnson, Addison (defeated Rep. Matt Rinaldi)

H.D. 118: Leo Pacheco, San Antonio (open seat)

H.D. 121: Steve Allison, San Antonio (open seat)

H.D. 126: Sam Harless, Houston (open seat)

H.D. 136: John Bucy III, Round Rock (defeated Rep. Tony Dale)

2016 General Election Winners

H.D. 4: Lance Gooden, Terrell (defeated Rep. Stuart Spitzer)

H.D. 7: Jay Dean, Longview (open seat)

H.D. 18: Ernest Bailes, Shepherd (open seat)

H.D. 33: Justin Holland, Heath (open seat)

H.D. 49: Gina Hinojosa, Austin (open seat)

H.D. 54: Scott Cosper, Killeen (open seat)

H.D. 55: Hugh Shine, Temple (defeated Rep. Molly White)

H.D. 64: Lynn Stucky, Sanger (open seat)

H.D. 71: Stan Lambert, Abilene (open seat)

H.D. 77: Lina Ortega, El Paso (open seat)

H.D. 118: Tomás Uresti, San Antonio (defeated Rep. John Lujan)

H.D. 144: Mary Ann Perez, Houston (defeated Rep. Gilbert Peña)

State Board of Education 9: Keven Ellis, Lufkin (open seat)

2015 Special Election Winners

H.D. 17:  John Cyrier, Lockhart (open seat)

H.D. 123: Diego Bernal, San Antonio (open seat)

2014 General Election Winners

H.D. 1:  Gary VanDeaver, New Boston (defeated Rep. George Lavender)

H.D. 10: John Wray, Waxahachie (open seat)

H.D. 16: Will Metcalf, Conroe (open seat)

H.D. 21: Dade Phelan, Beaumont (open seat)

H.D. 58: DeWayne Burns, Cleburne (open seat)

H.D. 76: César Blanco, El Paso (defeated Rep. Naomi Gonzalez)

H.D. 102: Linda Koop, Dallas (defeated Rep. Stefani Carter)

2014 Special Election Winner

H.D. 50: Celia Israel, Austin (open seat)

2012 General Election Winners

H.D. 3: Cecil Bell, Jr., Magnolia (open seat)

H.D. 9: Chris Paddie, Marshall (defeated Rep. Wayne Christian)

H.D. 24: Dr. Greg Bonnen, Friendswood (open seat)

H.D. 29: Ed Thompson, Pearland (open seat)

H.D. 34: Abel Herrero, Robstown (defeated Rep. Connie Scott)

H.D. 41:  Bobby Guerra, McAllen (open seat)

H.D. 57: Trent Ashby, Lufkin (defeated Rep. Marva Beck)

H.D. 59: Dr. J. D. Sheffield, Gatesville (defeated Rep. Sid Miller)

H.D. 74: Poncho Nevárez, Eagle Pass (open seat)

H.D. 78: Joe Moody, El Paso (defeated Rep. Dee Margo)

H.D. 88: Ken King, Canadian (defeated Rep. Jim Landtroop)

H.D. 95: Nicole Collier, Fort Worth (open seat)

H.D. 101:  Chris Turner, Arlington (open seat)

H.D. 114: Jason Villalba, Dallas (open seat)

H.D. 115: Bennett Ratliff, Coppell (open seat)

H.D. 117: Philip Cortez, San Antonio (defeated Rep. John Garza)

H.D. 125: Justin Rodriguez, San Antonio (open seat)

H.D. 137: Gene Wu, Houston (open seat)

H.D. 144: Mary Ann Perez, Pasadena (open seat)

2010 General Election Winners

S.D. 29: José R. Rodríguez, El Paso (open seat)

H.D. 4: Lance Gooden, Terrell (defeated Rep. Betty Brown)

H.D. 87: Four Price, Amarillo (open seat)

H.D. 100: Eric Johnson, Dallas (defeated Rep. Terri Hodge)

H.D. 122: Lyle Larson, San Antonio (open seat)

H.D. 127: Dan Huberty, Humble (open seat)

State Board of Education 9: Thomas Ratliff, Mount Pleasant (defeated Don McLeroy)

2008 General Election Winners

H.D. 52: Diana Maldonado, Round Rock (open seat)

H.D. 73: Doug Miller, New Braunfels (defeated Rep. Nathan Macias)

H.D. 78: Joe Moody, El Paso (open seat)

H.D. 96: Chris Turner, Burleson (defeated Rep. Bill Zedler)

2007 Special Election Winner

H.D. 97: Dan Barrett, Fort Worth (open seat)

2006 November General Election Winners

H.D. 32: Juan Garcia, Corpus Christi (defeated Rep. Gene Seaman)

H.D. 47: Valinda Bolton, Austin (open seat)

H.D. 54: Jimmie Don Aycock, Killeen (open seat).

H.D. 71: Susan King, Abilene (open seat)

H.D. 72: Drew Darby, San Angelo (defeated Rep. Scott Campbell)

H.D. 85: Joe Heflin, Crosbyton (open seat)

H.D. 94: Diane Patrick, Arlington (defeated Rep. Kent Grusendorf)

H.D. 101: Thomas Latham, Sunnyvale (defeated Rep. Elvira Reyna)

H.D. 107: Allen Vaught, Dallas (defeated Rep. Bill Keffer)

H.D. 118: Joe Farias, San Antonio (open seat)

H.D. 134: Ellen Cohen, Houston (defeated Rep. Martha Wong)

2006 Special Election Winner

H.D. 48: Donna Howard, Austin (open seat)